Different Types Of Photography

Photography is an art in which you can become expert only by the repeated practice and the experimentation. Despite Profession, Photography remains a passion for many people. Here let’s see some varieties of photography in which you can gain quality skills by repeated practice.


Photojournalism is the process in which you have to represent an incident or tell a story by using the photography as a medium. Journalism is the process in which one explains the situation with the help of pen and paper, whereas the photojournalists will explain the situation by using the photography itself.

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Macro Photography:

Macro photography is also called as close-up photography in which the subjects are captured at very close looks. The subjects like insects, small flower, other small objects are captured using the concept of macro photography.

Action Photography:

Action photography is the one in which the moving objects are captured. Subjects like flying birds, moving vehicles, running animals, etc are captured by using the concept of action photography. As a profession, one needs much practice and experimentation to become an expert in the field of action photography.

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Micro Photography:

Microphotography uses some dedicated cameras to capture the extremely tiny objects. Microphotography is a tedious job to deal with as it requires some additional attention and concentration to do it perfectly.

Marketing Photography:

As marketing photography is a great money making matter. Lots of experts professionals dedicated their work in the field of marketing photography. Marketing photography is used by the business people to sell their products online.

Wedding Photography:

The wedding is the lifetime event in which you require everything as best right from catering to photography. Wedding Photographers are well experienced that they are capable of capturing the awesome moments of the function in the more attractive way. Wedding photography is also a great money making method.

Photography types

Product Photography:

Product photography involves the capturing of the products to sell them in online, The product photography is also called as the E-Commerce photography. Product photography has a great impact on the product sales.

Thus these are the some of the common types of photography in which you can evolve your skills to become a expert photographer. In addition to these, there are also other types of photography like wildlife photography, underwater photography, food photography, architectural photography, candid photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, documentary photography, night long exposure photography, etc.

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