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The teaching assistant job description is straightforward and easy and requires an individual with a high level of interest in education, an individual who is very patient and can work well with young people, an individual who does not judge and has open mind with a great attitude towards education and young people and finally the individual should be passionate to see these young people succeed.

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The teaching assistant courses by SCCD Training will be supporting young people with all abilities and capabilities across the board and will undertake duties and responsibilities that will allow for teachers to have more time to create an interactive and informative session for these young learners.

teacher trainingThe teaching assistant also supports all activities in schools inside and outside of class. The teaching assistant are supposed to work with these young leaners either individually or with them as groups so that they can fully aid and involve themselves in these young learners’ lives so as to positively impact on them for a successful future generation.

Become a Teaching Assistant in London

The qualifications for a teaching assistant does not require one to have a bachelor’s degree. It requires an individual to have the basic literacy and numeracy skills for entry-level posts and the individual must be experienced in working with young people. Having a degree however, in whatever field can be an added advantage as it depicts a level of education and professionalism.

teacher training londonAn individual should engage themselves as a teaching assistant by acquiring qualification from an approved, certified and well known body so as to enhance the individual’s chances of getting employed as a teaching assistant. The individual should also take courses that will give the insight into a teaching assistant’s role such as GCSE to foundation-degree, gain experience in working in educational institutions and familiarizing with child development.

Qualifications for a teaching assistant can be taken online or via a training provider and most importantly, especially for the new ones to the field, practical work placement is vital. Qualification for entry level roles are not required as much since the experience through work of an individual is the key determinant in securing the individual a job as a teaching assistant.

To become a teaching assistant in London, through SCCD requires an individual to acquire a level 3 certificate in supporting and teaching schools. This is a specialist certificate that ensures any individual that opts to pursue the teaching profession as a support practitioner is certified. It is suitable for all roles in education institutions especially for working with young learners who have special needs.

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The teaching assistants being the specialists in the classroom, their primary function is to aid teachers in their work and meet the needs of the young learners. Teaching assistants have to be fully knowledgeable and have specialized skills to deal with young learners and also the teachers.

SCCD gives the option of funding the course of the level 3 support and teaching when the individual cannot do so him/herself. But this funding is offered as loan that will be repaid once the individual acquires work as a teaching assistant. Work posting of a re minimum of 80 hours is compulsory by the SCCD for individuals training to be training assistants. With this guarantee, t means that trainees are ensured of employment since this responsibility is taken by the SCCD who delivers them to reputable, high ranking and viable education institutions.

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