Top 3 Brands That Interior Designers Are Currently Using

Interior design is unique in that it combines comfort, convenience, creativity, as well as affordability. Thus, the best interior designers try to blend in all these factors. And come to look at it, the essence is basically to spruce up your space, make it more comfy and attractive, without spending an arm and a leg while at it. In that regard, the brand that you pick should be able to reflect all these. Picking the right brand for your interior designing will determine how durable it’ll be, how much you’ll spend, as well as the stylishness that’ll be brought as a result. What’s worth noting is that different manufacturers specialize in different accessories; for instance; some brands design faucets and other bathroom products, others kitchen products, and so on so forth.

Some of the top brands that interior designers are using include;

  1.  Grohe; Grohe is one of the most respected brands when it comes to shower caps, faucets, and other control systems in the bathroom. Grohe products are known to be stylish, and very durable. Besides, their replacements or spares are easily available.
  2. American standard; this is another respectable brand, and deals primarily in toilet seats, saunas, and sinks. The brand is popular due to their unique and durable products that continue to gain more popularity.
  3. DXV; although relatively new, DXV is a nice brand that has built a solid reputation for itself over the years.  They mostly deal with kitchen and bath products and you can get the brand from some of the top luxury showrooms.

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How Top Interior Designers Create Dream Rooms

One thing about all reputable interior designers is that all of them are creative and capable of working with whatever budget is available. In other words, it is not always about going for expensive accessories and items to turn your space into the perfect dream room. Just be creative, and have the artistic eye to know what can be alternated or moved in order to create perfection. Here, you’ll find some easy DIY tips on how to create dream rooms;

  1. Bright colors never disappoint; painting your room in bright colors has two major advantages. First, they allow for more natural lighting to filter in, and second, they bring an element of liveliness. Dull colors on the other hand have a solid feel that doesn’t inspire the soul.
  2. Pattern matching; alternating florals with checked and plain pillows or cushions for your sofas is a great way of creating a dream room. This matching confuses the eye in a nice way, turning the space into beautiful and attractive rooms. For the bedroom, you could also try matching different colors; for instance sky blue bed sheets on dark blue blankets or white pillows on a black duvet. Just be creative, think outside the box.
  3. Wall papers; wall papers are unique in that they help bring in any feel or theme that the home owner has. Wall papers can be customized to complement the furniture pieces in the room.

Really, the secret to creating the dream rooms has to do with thinking out of the box, and not being afraid of trying out new ideas.

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The most interesting European cities.

There are so many beautiful cities in Europe, so which one should you visit and why, here are some examples of different European cities.

Let’s start formporto west, the beautiful city that it’s worth visiting its Porto in Portugal, this city it’s really small, just about 50 000 people live there, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a lovely city in a sunny Portugal. Which it’s definitely worth visiting in a summer, expecting that you enjoy lying on a beach a swimming in a worm ocean.

Moving east we have Paris. The city it’s notorious famous for its iconic afield tower if has
been decorating central of Paris for long time. The other beautiful things about Paris are the narrow streets and the lovely coffee shops, on every corner, where they serve the best croissant that you ever had.


the-duomo-s-structureFrom there it’s not too far to Milan, in Italy. There are so many things to do in Milan, you can visit the most prospective city in Italy. The central Milan it’s beautiful, there it’s the beautiful Gothic cathedral and the massive square where you can have great, and cheap coffee and ice-cream, or you can rent a scooter and drive around the city and discover everything.



Great pace north it’s Prague in Czech Republic, especially around Christmas period in winter. There’s a beautiful historical square in central, that’s definitely worth visiting. From there you can to Carl’s bridge that will lead you to the biggest castle in the world, that will take your breath away. Also from the top of the castle you can see the entire city. But you have to pack a lots of warm clothes, in winter there’s incredible cold, sometimes even minus 20 degrees